"Hiring a P.I. was something I thought they did on television. Hiring CIS was one of the smartest things I ever did and it was money well spent. Scott W. Gordon, Tampa, Fl.

"If it wasn't for CIS I would have lost custody of my daughters last year"! Thank you Conrad!
Bethany Rosse, Lincoln, NH

"When my husband and I are out and about in Boston and I'm wearing my jewels there is a certain comfort we have when Conrad is taking care of us and seeing to our transportation".
                                              "Thank you Conrad". Anonymous

"Thank you for your continual support, high level of professionalism, commitment and tenacity".
  Dee Buefort, Boston, MA.

"This letter is written to say thank you for your prompt and excellent investigative work in helping me to locate **** ****, formerly the owner of All Tune & Lube. I had all but given up in my attempts to locate him in order to pursue damages against him and his franchise for the shoddy work that resulted from their unsuccessful attempts to repair my 1990 Nissan 300 ZX. My attempts to work through the proper legal channels lead to a dead end when Mr. ***** could not be found or located despite my sincere efforts to do so.

Because of you, I now know how to reach him so that my legal dispute with him can be pursued once again and so that he can be tried in a court of law so that he will have to pay for the damages he has caused me and my vehicle. I truly appreciate being a beneficiary or your company’s expertise, professionalism, and promptness. If I ever need your services again, you can expect to hear from me!"

  John T. Turner, Milton, MA.