Conrad Coye
Former National Football League and Canadian Football League Player

 Security Specialist                                                            

          With over twenty years of professional experience in law enforcement, security, private investigations, and anti-terrorism preparedness, Conrad Coye's  qualifications include certification in terrorism preparedness from the Office of Emergency Management Services in Massachusetts (O.E.M.S. Cert #226261) and licensed to carry and operate firearms in addition to hand-to-hand combat, including Tae Kwon Do and kickboxing. He attended Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, where he lettered in football and track each year.
          Mr. Coye's business history includes a successful Wall Street career in brokering  government securities in the New York area for several years. As a fugitive bail bond agent, he managed a Team of ten agents/ bounty hunters who collected over 5 - 10 million dollars annually in bonds and also were credited with apprehending over 500 fugitives throughout North America. Conrad continues to combine and employ his organizational and business strengths when retained for personal protection or as an investigative professional.
          Providing secure transport for an elite clientele of film stars, musicians, and professional athletes has fueled Coye's passion for the personal protection industry. His stint as a professional football player - playing in both the NFL and the CFL - enhanced his appreciation of the need for personal protection for athletes; thus, his zeal for private investigation and security services began. Conrad's ability to develop relationships, combined with his proven track record and expertise in surveillance and intelligence gathering, make him an outstanding field agent.

 Thomas Harris, Investigations Specialist, Co-Owner/Vice President of Operations                                                            

          Thomas Harris is a licensed and bonded private investigator who holds an advanced degree and has been working as an investigator since 2001. In that time he has successfully completed hundreds of investigations. He has extensive experience in a several investigative areas, including but not limited to: conducting workers compensation, auto, and general liability investigations for insurance companies, TPA's, and self-insured employers; assisting criminal defense attorneys by gathering information and tracking down and questioning witnesses; obtaining video of cheating partners or tracking down missing persons or “deadbeat dads” for private clients.
          Thomas Harris is a results-driven professional who believes in working closely with the client until the investigative goals are achieved. His years of experience directly servicing clients, conducting surveillance, and gathering information both in the field and online make him an invaluable CIS manager and field agent.

 Ash Bablanian, Investigations Specialist, Head of Computer Forensics Division                                                            

          With over thirty years of experience in the world of information and security technology. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Harvard University. In the past, he has worked on the Flight Operations Team for one of NASA's satellites, managing real-time spacecraft telemetry analysis and contingency planning and support. Prior to joining CIS, He was the founder of an IT consulting firm that specialized in a variety of technology related services. In that capacity, he provided technology solution to clients such as the Federal Reserve, US Senate and House of Representatives, Department of Commerce, Department of Labor, and the Social Security Administration. He is (ISC)2 CISSP certified as well as highly specialized in information technology, the latest security technologies and computer forensics.

 Charles Ramsay, Technology Advisor                                                            

          28 Years as a Technology Professional. Served as an Adjunct Professor for Instructional Technology for UMass Boston, Cambridge College, Bridgewater State, Lesley College, Fitchburg State College. 15 Years as a Technology Professional for the Boston Public Schools. Network Certified. A+ Certification.

Mission Statement

COYE INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES is here to serve you and your interests. Your privacy, security and integrity are what motivate us to get the job done.

C.I.S. President and founder Conrad Coye serves his client base with all of the resources and experience available to him and will stop at no measure to keep you comfortable and secure, while closing your case.; it is our promise to you.

                                    "Your safety and privacy are our priority"